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Oumou Sangaré

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Release Date: 23/09/2003

Discs: 2

"Oumou Sangaré is greeting you. Listen hard to what I have to say." Oumou Sangaré is Mali's great diva, and one of the world's most astounding female voices. Her idiom is the hauntingly beautiful and hypnotically rhythmic home-grown music that has become her trademark: wassoulou. Compiled by Charlie Gillett and Nick Gold, this album contains 8 new songs never before released on CD, alongside a career retrospective of 12 of her best tracks from her previous acclaimed albums. All tracks have been digitally remastered and the CD booklet contains song notes by Oumou Sangaré herself.

1. Ah Ndiya (2003 Remaster)
2. Wayeina
3. Mogo Te Diya Bee Ye
4. Nagnoumako
5. Dugu Kamalemba (2003 Remaster)
6. Saa Magni (2003 Remaster)
7. Woula Bara Diagna (2003 Remaster)
8. Djorolen (Remix)
9. Yala
10. Denko
1. Maladon
2. Diaraby Nene (2003 Remaster)
3. Sigi Kuruni (2003 Remaster)
4. Ne Bi Fe
5. Laban
6. Sabu (2003 Remaster)
7. Kayini Wura (2003 Remaster)
8. Djorolen (2003 Remaster)
9. N'guatu (2003 Remaster)
10. Baba (2003 Remaster)